Raleigh M-Trax 3000-TL, any info?

Are you not tempted to rebuild these? I'm sure you'd find resources/ knowledge here if required. They'd look awesome on your bike and deal with the comfort issue.

I think you've won the star prize with this purchase!
You think so? That's good to know, I'm chuffed to bits with it to be honest.

Yeah, I am tempted but I don't really like the way they looked on it to be fair. But, when I can sell a kidney, I would love a pair of Marzocchi xc700 on it, paired with an X lite L168 stem....and maybe a pair of Mavic sunset rims to finish it off. Like I said....rabbit hole.

It would probably have been cheaper taking up crack to be honest!
Excellent buy that. If you do Facebook too, its worth posting up on the Raleigh Off Road Series, Dyna-Tech, M-Trax, and RSP Group.
Can't agree more
M Trax is from Raleigh's murky mid 90's period when it lost focus, marketed products poorly, damaged the brand and accelerated it's own decline
it was ever a mystery for me how ever one company could come up with this confusing brands, series and models :rolleyes:
Mid 90ties they had alone by looking at the Titanium models a handfull of overlapping bikes randomly assorted to different brands and series.

Anyway, i do have the proper catalog from 1996 at hand and please find below the picture form the 3000 TL

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Awwwwww mate! That is fecking awesome! Thanking you very much indeed.
you're welcome, but i have to correct, the catalog has no date, but might be 1996 as they talk about 96 range evolution.

It's also not exactly yours (so maybe there is a difference between 95 and 96) as the cable routing on the upper tube is different.

Some more pictures from it below.
One more comment, the stem isn't original but fits nicely.
It's a Kooka Bilet stem look-a-like, sold for instance labled as Fred Salmon.
Fred Salmon AHEAD-Stem-POLISHED-Alloy-1-1-8”.jpg