1993 Yeti ARC

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Re: My Ranjeet Grewel inspired Yeti ARC

Mark and his team at Argos have done me proud the Frame and Forks are back from their Paint Shop in Bristol… are I’m stoked they’re everything I hoped for !
I never had the privilege of seeing a box fresh F.R.O B.I.T.D but it must have looked pretty close to this….

Now I know powder coat would have been a lot quicker/ more durable and certainly a hell of a lot cheaper, and no doubt the route the purest would have taken,
but I wanted paint and since I’m probably only ever going to own one Yeti I indulged myself a little :shock:

Mark and his team applied the grey and then clear coated it with a subtle silver flake before moving on to the Desert Turquoise and then stenciling the black darts on using paint.
Gils decals were applied and then everything sealed under a layer of clear lacquer.

When I bought this frame off JustKev © his parting words to me were “Don’t rush it and get it right” since that was almost two years ago I don’t think I can accused of rushing things …

In fact whilst hunting my parts out I’ve had plenty of time to second guess my ultimate goal and now have at least three build possibilities.
1. Fully Rigid with an Accu Trax and Answer FTW stem and Full NOS M900.
2. Ranjeet inspired Build but with M2’s and Grafton / Ringle (Original Train of thought)
3. Judy Mk1 / X-rays and Silverfish esque lashing of 3dv (Probably the most ride able set up)
When I started my journey I thought having a Grey and Desert Turquoise ARC (rather than the more popular Yellow and Tourq) meant I had something different , however its positively common these days and the resulting builds have been to an incredibly high standard


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Re: My Ranjeet Grewel inspired Yeti ARC

Forgot about this build. Looking forward to the results.

FWIW, if someone reads this in the future, the "grey" color isn't a powder coat for the alloy bikes. Welded frames were beadblasted to a uniform finish and a clear powder was applied. I can't say this was the case for the steel bikes

I've only learned this recently.

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Re: My Ranjeet Grewel inspired Yeti ARC

Silverfish":2na4wu44 said:
Ooh you tease. Need pics :)

Sorry, :oops:

Got a bit excited and hit the "Submit" button instead of the "Pre-view" before I was done :facepalm:
... Pictures now posted above :LOL:


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Re: My Ranjeet Grewel inspired Yeti ARC

Looks nice. I'd go with option 2 I think :cool: