1. fguki

    Wanted RINGLE parts BLUE (!!!) Yes, you heard it! Blue :-) Skewers, H2O bottle cage ...

    I am searching for the "darker" blue Ringlé parts like TiStix Holey skewers (for wheels and seat post) as well as H2O bottle cages. NOT the torquoise please - but blue. Let me know! Cheers
  2. B

    Yet another of our favorite “name this elevated chainstay bike” threads…

    Yes, just like the title suggests, I’m out of ideas. So I got this bike and it obviously must have been a big deal. Elevated chainstay frame but quite unlike your average (won’t bore you with unnecessary details just yet but most likely it is NOT a Nishiki or a Yokota or a Cunningham or a...
  3. obi-wan-mtb

    Sold NOS Ringle Zooka Ahead 120mm titanium bolts NEW 1 1/8”

    NOS Ringle Zooka Ahead 120mm x 0 x 1 1/8” Only removed from the plastic to swap the steel bolts for titanium: now with three titanium bolts! Comes with spacers, stickers and instruction sheet cool stem! 150 euro
  4. obi-wan-mtb

    Sold NOS Ringle Twisters black/gold titanium

    New in package from 1993! Ringle Wheel Quick Releases Twisters Titanium rods MTB 100/135mm hubs The outer bag has been opened in time, inner bag still sealed but has a tear. Rare in NOS condition Hence the rather steep price 190 euro registered shipping to UK 15 euro
  5. Wildwayne74

    Retro mountain bike for sale

    I have just listed on eBay my retro mountain bike Ringle stem ,handlebars and seat post Tange MTB tubing Pace Kevlar forks Marin wheels Shimano Deore crank and brake system frame just starting to show a little surface rust Built the bike from scratch 25 years ago Rebuilt forks with fresh...
  6. L

    For Sale Ringlé H2O bottle cages (x2, black)

    *FURTHER EDIT: £40 one (right of pics) NOW SOLD* - ONLY THE £35 ONE LEFT!* Two cages - one in better shape than the other. £70 for both, or £35 and £40 respectively. Price includes UK P&P The more worn one (left of pic) has the small split at one of the mounting points which seems a fairly...
  7. retrostoffel

    For Sale Avid SD Ultimate levers

    Used pair of red Avid SD Ultimate levers for sale, wear consistent with age. Looking for €120 ex shipping. Located in Belgium.
  8. regan_ev

    Sorted 26.8ø Ringlé Moby 3DV in MINT condition (can take a cut one)

    As title, if you have a MINT 26.8mm Ø Ringlé Moby 3DV please HMU. I can take a cut down one but please, no cracks. I already have two like that I need a minter for a special build. 💵💴💶💷💵💴💶💷=waiting
  9. synlos

    For Sale Repro - MIG (IRD, Ringle, Bullseye, Cook, Syncros, Fat, WTB)

    Repro-Parts Made in Germany! Shipment is NOT INCLUDED! The conditions of shipment has changed! Not tracked: from 8-16€ (till 2Kg) Tracked: from 8-55€ (depends on weight and destination)! Some discount is always available! PayPal only with F&F or add the fees and change quote! For more...