1991 diamond axis frame upgrade


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Following years of being a proud owner of my Diamond Back Axis from new 1991, I've finally got around to thinking to get a better frame as it was always a bit on the small size for me. So, thought that finding a better frame could feel different and look better, whilst moving the high quality Shimano parts that came with the bike.
Am assuming everything would fit assuming I'd find the right mtb?
I remember in '89 I had a Muddy Fox frame, which was from '81 that I built up which then got stolen at college a year later. That was a 531 frame.
Then saved up and got this Diamond Back, which was always a little on the small size and I've had to raise the handle bars to feel right and exchange the stem, though there's still a far stretch forwards and it looks weird.
Recommendations on an upgrade to a better frame for its time so that everything can fit on easily would be highly appreciated. Were all mountain bikes at that point the same connections etc? Thanks for your ponders.


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Mass produced components (Shimano and Suntour in particular), in general are quite universal. Front mech bands and headsets vary due to gauge of tubes preferred by different manufacturers. Most other stuff is bolt off bolt on.


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Things that might not simply swap over:

Bottom bracket (if shell size is different)
Rear hub (if your current one is not 135mm spacing)
Stem and headset (depends on your new frame/fork combo)
Forks (steerer length)
Seat post (new frame may need a different size)
Cables (different stops, length, run, worth changing anyway).

That should be worst case scenario.

As for frame, so many options, depends if you want steel, ti, alloy, carbon.


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"Following years of being a proud owner of my Diamond Back Axis from new 1991"....maybe look out for the same frame, but bigger?! Obviously sits well in your heart