1. S

    Can anyone identify this frame?

    I'm hoping someone on here can help me identify this frame. History: My father bought this second hand sometime in the early 1970's and used it to get to work for the next 20+ years, and to get into Town. He isn't comfortable riding it anymore (he's over 90 😏) and so I've taken it on. We...
  2. R

    For Sale LOOK KG 241 Replica, retro carbon bike frame for sale

    hello, I m selling my Look KG241 Tour Replica frame, it's a French carbon bike from the late 90s. really fun bike and fast ! 54cm top tube 53 seat tube max clearance 25, I didn't try 28 but it might be a little tight. really good conditions a scratch next to bottom bracket on the driver side...
  3. Trevorvp

    Withdrawn Armstrong Frame

  4. T

    Undefined Scott

    Hey! Does anyone have a clue as to what Scott this is? What I don't understand is that the components don't look bad but the frame features look to me like those of a cheap one and maybe not even of a Scott (top of seat tube, rear dropout, strange cable housing, thickness of tubes, decals..) Thanks!
  5. FluffyChicken

    Catalogue 1988 - Tange Frame Component System

    Frame, Fork, lug, Prestige, #1, #2, Infinity, Concept dimensions, info all about the tubing from Tange
  6. Cotterpein


    Frame number is 8229. The frame belonged to the time keeper of a local cycling club and was used for time trials. It is a quality lightweight steel, lugged frame with double butted tube, but I cannot guarantee what tubing it is made from. From the frame number i believe it to be a 1982 frame...
  7. GiantAtxOne

    Wanted Giant ATX One

    Looking for a Giant ATX One bike in the biggest size there is, or would consider just the frame. I am sure one will turn up soon, as they seem fairly common as i've had a few opportunities over the past 6 months but size and condition was a problem.
  8. L

    For Sale FS: Rocky Mountain Hammer 19" Frame

    Rocky mountain hammer for sale 19" Reynolds 725 tubes Good used condition, so plenty of scuffs and scrapes. No dents or dings and all threads are good. seat post and clamp included Collection preferred - frame's in Glasgow but can post if needed £100 collected Cheers
  9. A

    Wanted Early/mid 2010s 26" Orange in ~17" (hardtail or full suss)

    Hi everyone, getting back into what I'd call ""actual mountain biking"" rather than just trials and dirt jumping... Bit of a nostalgia trip to the time I was getting into bikes, I remember lusting after the Orange bikes of ~2015, my dream bike was a Five in bright lime green... Now I'm in a...
  10. SirLurkalot

    Sold German Heidemann frame £10

    German Heidemann 22" frame and forks. I bought it for the wheels and a couple of other bits. Seems a shame to take it down the tip. Would make a good Hipster single speed, fixie or Pub bike. £10 ono Collection only from Southampton.
  11. Bike Creatively

    Sold PRICE DROP NOW £20! Joblot of 3 Retro Mountain Bike Frames & forks GT Trek Diamondback Rockshox Spares or repairs

    Job lot of retro frames/forks all have potential but just need to go to someone with more time and tools than me. £20 no offers. I really need the space and I’m hoping someone can bring these back to life! Priced to go! These are listed for spares or repairs as all have issues as listed below...
  12. S

    Wanted GT Edge / Force / any of the late 90s triple triangle frames 54cm

    Looking for one of the older triple triangle GT road frames, 53/54 cm, any colourway. They don't pop up that often anymore, so I know one of you has one sat collecting dust somewhere. Not interested in the aero ones. Thank you!
  13. S

    Uh OH! Hole in Chainstay (93/94 Dave Yates Diabolo)

    Hi All, I posted a couple of weeks back on my DY Diabolo project I've stripped everything down apart from the cranks and BB (awaiting a loaner on the tools). Everything came apart nicely (thank you teenage me for using lots of grease) and is in surprisingly good nick, apart from... a small...
  14. valleyman

    Sold Frameset Hazard model XT STI Tange Tubes from 1990

    Frameset in original splash multicolor paint, Tange Double Butted steel tubes, used in very good conditions (please see pics), frame is intact, no dings, made in Italy from 1990. It comes with its original fork, headset, stem, square bottom bracket, seat post and cable housing. 95 --> 50 Euros...
  15. C

    For Sale Tommasini Tecno Columbus Genius Frame Set

    Tommasini Tecno Frame Set 90's Size 55x55cm cc Columbus Genius Frame1980g Fork 660g Chromed frame and lugs Shipping from Holland Paypal only €650,- excluding shipping
  16. Robin252

    Gorgeous ON-ONE Inbred, 18", single speed in white on eBay! I got rhe exact same model, same size but in red, though this one looks very well cosmetically!
  17. jamie_d

    For Sale Yeti 575 Frame

    Morning folks, Got this lovely Yeti 575 frame for sale. It's been in long term storage for around a decade, and includes everything you see in the images. Frame, monarch shock, salsa fliplock clamp, shimano HTII bb and canecreek headset. I think its a medium. Selling on behalf of my neighbour...
  18. moukie

    Wanted Greg Fuquay Frame

    I hens teeth but putting this out there is someone has one that they are looking to or willing to sell I would be interested. Thanks in advance!!
  19. Tricky1977

    Anyone know much about the 2008 Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo?

    I bought a frame ages ago and have found a few random internet pics of the period bike, but I’d like to know the original spec and components so I can get period OE parts. Yes I know it’s the Trek era but it’s light… Ideally what forks, bars, saddle, stem, bars, grips and groupset did it have...
  20. coreygun

    Sold Curtis SuperX & 24 Bicycles Le Toy III frames

    Curtis SuperX - Iconic frame hand brazed by the legendary Brian Curtis himself using T45 steel. This frame is from the early 2000s, and has been barely used. The paint really is as good as it looks in the photos. Other than a few very light marks from mild use, there is a small paint chip under...