shimano deore xt

  1. G

    Deore XT V-Brake wobbling

    Hello everyone, A few months ago, I installed new (to me) Shimano Deore XT V-Brakes (of course, I forgot the reference) on my bike. For a little while now, I've been experiencing some odd sensations while braking. While fixing a flat tire today, I noticed the caliper wobbling when I put the...
  2. obi-wan-mtb

    Sold Shimano Deore XT and XTR mechs M739 and M910

    Selling two rear mechs 1) NEW Shimano Deore XT RD-M739 Without box but is new 8 speed obviously 110 euro OBO 2) Used Shimano XTR RD-M910 Excellent condition with just minimal marks of usage Upgraded with alu pulleys and red alu bolts 135 euro OBO Shipping (registered only) to UK is 12 euro...
  3. Kleinondale

    Sold Nice and cheap MTB components for sale

    Selling some cool MTB components, most of which in great condition. Cheap shipping available almost worldwide(depending on weight). Text me for images, shipping info or any other questions. PHOTO 1: - CODA Crankset - 15 Euro - STX middle chainring - brand new - 10 Euro - Front Derailleurs LX...
  4. obi-wan-mtb

    Sold Shimano XT shifting parts + XTR (M737, M738, M739, M900)

    A few Shimano XT and (one) XTR parts: 1) Shimano Deore XT Cassette ] CS-M737-I C1/TYPE-ak 8 speed 11-30t Only a little use – excellent condition Comes with original box Price: 35 euro Shipping (track&trace): 12 euro 2) Shimano Deore XT front derailleur ] FD-M738 34.9 down pull (top...
  5. rouge_prawn


    After a lot of thought I have decided to put for sale the parts I wanted to use for the Voodoo to help fund a new build. All parts from c.1995-1996 except those labelled (modern) or another year. I'm based in the UK, we can meet in the London area or otherwise postage and payment via PayPal...
  6. Crispybike

    Bianchi Grizzly?

    Hello, I took some time today and cleaned a few bikes. Among them, we found this bike. I tried to look up some model info, year, etc. I have looked at some pages in the catalogues, but I have not found any similar models. I encountered a problem in identifying this frame because all the models...
  7. F

    For Sale new 960's XTR, Crankbrothers CobaltSL, SKF, Columbus Genius frame, XT, LX...

    Some projects have been evaluated, so some items may go. I'm offering: Nice XTR-960 group with Crankbrothers CobaltSL crankset with SKF BCX-600 bottom bracket. The top group from Shimano from around 2007. Light, strong brakes. The front derailleur and crankset have been used for a very short...
  8. Martin C

    For Sale Shimano XT RD-M737 rear mech.

    nice condition rear mech. Tacx jockey wheels. not bent however not mint. (some scratches) 30 euro ex shipping payment by PayPal or regular money transfer ships from The Netherlands.
  9. H

    For Sale Shimano XT M730 - M732 Hub Decals

    Price of 10€ includes a complete set (front/rear) of waterslide decals for XT hubs. Ready to be applied with only warm water. Add 2 thin layers of Clear Paint for extra bling. Bring your hubs back to their glory! Shipping in Europe will be 8€, World 15€. Multiple sets order won't change S/H...
  10. MainlyMF

    Wanted Deore cage pedals, LX, DX or XT.

    Looking for some decent deore cage pedals, LX, DX or XT considered. PD-M550, PD-M650, PD-M730, PD-M735 Cheers! 👍
  11. J

    1991 diamond axis frame upgrade

    Following years of being a proud owner of my Diamond Back Axis from new 1991, I've finally got around to thinking to get a better frame as it was always a bit on the small size for me. So, thought that finding a better frame could feel different and look better, whilst moving the high quality...
  12. Wildwayne74

    Retro mountain bike for sale

    I have just listed on eBay my retro mountain bike Ringle stem ,handlebars and seat post Tange MTB tubing Pace Kevlar forks Marin wheels Shimano Deore crank and brake system frame just starting to show a little surface rust Built the bike from scratch 25 years ago Rebuilt forks with fresh...
  13. obi-wan-mtb

    Sold NOS Shimano Deore XT RD-M739 rear derailleur NIB

    NIB Shimano Deore XT rear derailleur M739 Price is 150 euro Shipping is 15 euro to UK