1984 and now

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Oh would you behave,

Why are you like this all of a sudden?

Because, unsurprisingly, his racism scale (on a now deleted thread) was met with a resounding GTFO. Now he's revealed his unsavoury colours, in true keyboard warrior style, he's decided to share his opinions on other matters. It's as textbook as it gets.


It's a matter of time.
"unsavoury colours?"

What "unsavoury colours" are you talking about? You mean simple disagreement?

Dude, if what I have said bothers you so much (and you seem to be saying that yes it does) then why don't you simply press the ignore button on my profile?
In our current society... some people are 'worth' more than others, yes.
Or at least, that's the way it seems to me.
I would tend to agree. Take for example murder. If the poor victim was a 'sex worker' then the help the police got or media attention was on the minus. But if they are a 'normal' girl then it went of the scale to catch the SOB. The 'Yorkshire ripper' was a classic example of this. And even to this day many people wrongly think he murdered sex workers. Not that matters if he did. Murder is murder to me. And many still think if a sex worker then she/he brings it on them self. We still the 'class' system in this country. Go to a fox hunt and you will see it in action plus the police not doing their job of upholding the law and protecting people.
Not open for further replies.