Carlton Criterium 1972-73

Re: Carlton Criterium 1972-73 build In progress

Spokesmann":1xgnf3iy said:
Always worth entering! As Ive said before I fed up seeing forensically prepared bikes that are never ridden hanging off walls in the RBoTM event. I'd like to see more 'real' bikes - warts and all and not machines that look like they have been in bubble wrap most of their lives!

I concur - it seems a Vintage and Classic Italian bike of the month rather than 'Retrobike' - two different things.
I'm not keen on Italian bikes in any case - I hardly ever give them a second glance, whereas British bikes get my full attention and I love them !
I'd like to own an exotic British bicycle like a HR Morris though and if I did it'd be ridden as it supposed to.
Currently actively seeking a blue Carlton Equipe as on the catalogue - love it and think it looks better than most bikes
Re: Carlton Criterium 1972-73 build In progress

Dont get me started on Italian machines...!
Re: Carlton Criterium 1972-73 build In progress

Spokesmann":16n12hjo said:
Dont get me started on Italian machines...!
Haha man! I'd like nothing better than to get you started about them!
I'm surprised there's no 'Italian vs British cycles' thread here.
Re: Carlton Criterium 1972-73 build In progress

Im not really in bike vs. bike, other than the fact I love British makes, esp Carlton, Sun and Raleigh but I also like Dawes, CB and many of the smaller hand-built artisans still around. Italian bikes have never held any interest for me personally. I know many adore them, even worship them. To me they lack the character and appeal I find in British marques, especially Carlton which I have loved since I was a kid. Too much store is set by Italian bikes in my view. Colnago et al leave me cold... I'll leave it at that!


I finished the bike - in the main, bar the TA bottle cage clamp and bottle cage.

I'm pleased with the final result and spec.

I had initially planned to go for a Catalogue spec, and to be fair I had most of the parts:
The Weinmann levers and 750 Brakes, the Raleigh steel 49T chain Ring and the Cottered Cranks.
The GB stem and GB bar, the Weinmann Rims along with Normandy Hubsand bar the correct Freewheel, rear Mech and Shifters (Simplex Presitige) which I could've bought quite easily from a couple of sellers on eBay.

But one thing lead to another and I ended up sourcing and choosing parts that I like and which were in period with the bike (as much as possible).
Most of the bits: GB stem and bars, Weinmann Rims and Normandy Hubs, TA Cranks and 49T Chain ring, Dura Ace 5 sp Freewheel - are all from 1973 or before.
I tried to stay with the look, spirit and similar period by adding the Shimano 600 Gold and Black chain (5 speed) to match the Freewheel - this I guess is from the late 70ies to early 80ies.
After having problems with the 750 and the 605 Weinmann brakes I took a gamble on some top of the range Mark 1 Weinmann Carrera from I think 1976 - I wanted to stick with Weinmann as I wanted to be as close to the original spec of this bike as possbile, and the Carrera were too good to miss - close to the period and age of the bike but oh so much better than any other Weinmann I had or available - and I think this beautiful old frame from this renowned old maker is worthy of all the parts I added including these brakes.

I replaced the mid cage mech with a short cage one - not sure if it works. What do you reckon?

Frame and Forks - Carlton Worksop 1972/3
Rims - Weinmann 27"
Tyres -Panaracer Pasela
Hubs - Normandy high flange
Freewheel -Shimano Dura Ace 5 sp Gold
Chain - Shimano 600 - Gold Black
Chainset - TA 3 pin Pro 3 vis with TA 49T
Bottom Bracket - Tange
Rear Mech - Suntour V Luxe short cage
Shifters -Suntour Power Shifters
Cables - Clarks England (NOS)
Stem - GB
Bars - GB
Brakes - Weinmann Carrera mk 1.
Pedals -Lyotard Quill
Clips/Strap - Christophe
Saddle - Brooks B17
Seatpin - original Alloy

Bike Detail








Re: Carlton Criterium 1972-73 build In progress

Nice work mate as i think those brakes really do look well on your Carlton and the new pics show the new chain and freewheel off a lot better :cool: ....
Re: Carlton Criterium 1972-73 build In progress

Gorgeous colour. Do the front brake blocks reach the rims? They both look they need a little adjustment.
Re: Carlton Criterium 1972-73 build In progress

Spokesmann":2l00bnf2 said:
Gorgeous colour. Do the front brake blocks reach the rims? They both look they need a little adjustment.

Thanks, the front brake is slightly too high by 2 mm or so - rubbing the tyre - I think I need to try setting again, or get a Drop Bolt.

The TA Bottle Cage Clamp with bottle cage and a Specialites TA water bottle arrived today, so I fit them.

I also had to change the Suntour V Luxe short cage Rear Mech for the Suntour V T luxe Mid cage - reason was because I suspect the V Luxe was slightly bent - had trouble shifting to largest cog as the mech would hit the spokes before settling.

Changed it and no problems - the Mech and Shifters are very good!
Shift very smoothly with no problems, and to be honest there's not much difference between the size of these two mechs anyway.

So then I took her for a spin.

She rides beautifully, light, nimble and after all these years riding MTB's and my first taste of a racing Bike since 1984 I must say I was impressed.
Nimble and quick and a pleasure to ride.
The Brooks saddle is very very comfortable.
Got many looks and a few compliments.

I was happy with almost everything, almost..

The front brake needs to be set - may need a Drop Bolt.

The front wheel spokes are a bit loose - I noticed this before, but noticed more now as they make slight noise when riding.
Didn't ride for long, brought her back and will sort these two things out.

I think the bottle cage and clamp need to be moved up slightly?

But overall, I'm very happy - and entered the rBoTM October 2015 nomination.

Some more snaps of the Critter with the Mid Cage mech and the TA bottle stuff with photos from my ride today.






With the TA Clamp, Cage and Bottle, and Suntour V T Luxe rear mech.

Re: Carlton Criterium 1972-73 build In progress

liam_lees":2eyfk4kk said:
ibbz":2eyfk4kk said:

I think I'm going to go for the Velo threadless.It seems like it will solve all my problems. However, the real task is getting the fixed cup off the frame.
It seems pretty stuck on there. Thanks so much for your help. I will gladly send som pics through, although by no means is it going to be as beautiful a restoration as your project.


Hi mate, wondering how you got on with the velothreadless bottom bracket and whether you get the fixed cup off?
Any pics?
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