Jimi911’s 1981 Moots Mountaineer is the 2020 Retrobike Bike of The Year, check the poll here.
Another classic Bike of The Month contest saw Wtb_rider’s 1993 Brodie Catalyst take the honours, check the thread out here :)
A modern look at an old school maker, still hand building Ti in the Rockies. There's a link below to the story on my site... https://www.augustusfarmer.com/mutts-of-moots/
Completed May 2021 Setting The Scene: Its fair to say I'm a huge Pace fan taking inspiration from Jerky, Gil M ,Rich Matthews, Bollox64 as well as many others Through the years I've seen some epic Pace builds. DR s (pretty sure he sprayed his RC100 six times until he was happy with the colour) , Neil Millard's, Rich's Pink Pace (Mavic Groupset) and the perfection that Bollox64 goes to with his builds. I can't write about amazing Paces and not mention Bibbsey's original RC100 with a Campy groupset which is outstanding In the late 90's a friend turned up on a Red F7 to go for a bike ride and id honestly never seen anything as stunning. I made him give me first refusal and when he later wanted to buy an Orange I jumped at the chance of...
The January 2018 Bike of The Month contest was taken by Jimi911's c1986 Serotta Adirondack.
The December 2017 Bike of The Month contest was taken by Jimi911's 1985 Mountain Goat Trials.
The November 2017 Bike of The Month contest was taken by WTB_Rider's 1993 Salsa Ala Carte.
The September 2017 Bike of The Month contest was taken by mishmash69's 1994 Raleigh SP Torus FS.
The October 2017 road Bike of The Month October 2017 contest was taken by Montello's Pinarello Montello. The winner received an excellent t-shirt from Bob at http://www.bethevulture.co.uk - check them out.
The October 2017 Bike of The Month contest was taken by Bollox64s Tim Gould's '93 Newnham Team Schwinn replica.
The October 2017 Bike of The Month contest was taken by Shamobius' 1992 Rocky Mountain Experience
We've got the @retrobikehq IG page up and growing fast. If you remember fondly when bikes were particularly pretty/ lairy/ snapped sometimes…. Please have a gawp/ like/ share/ follow here: http://instagram.com/retrobikehq/ If you like old bikes - you know where to look :D
We have been saddened to learn that forum and retro ride regular Dylan Archer (aka DA-EVO) was a victim of the Shoreham air crash. Both Dylan and his friend Richard Smith were cycling on the A27 at the time of the crash. There is a thread on the forum in his memory here. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Dylan and the other victims during what must be a very difficult time.
The July 2015 Bike of The Month contest was taken by Giom6's 1993 Dave Yates D.O.N.K.I.S. N.O.B.
In its third year, the UK Klein meet brings together Klein fans, collectors and riders from the UK and Europe. Previous meetings have bought a wide variety of rare bikes, including prototypes, rare paint schemes and NOS builds and we hope this year to be no different. Our plan is to meet in the Surrey Hills, near Guildford and ride in and around Holmbury Hill, Peaslake and Winterfold, taking in some interesting trails, single track, fireroads and view points. The ride will end either at a welcoming pub or a private venue where garage queens can be displayed. Register you interest and confirm details in the Klein Meet thread.
Long-time bike journo and photographer Seb Rogers is launching a new mountain bike magazine this spring. Called Cranked, it’ll be published four times a year and, in a move that cheerfully sticks two fingers up at the conventional wisdom that digital is the only place where it’s at, it'll also be available only in ink and paper form. “It’s intentionally different”, says Seb. “High production values, the best paper and printing we could find, and features that are put together with time and thought rather than rushed out to meet a tight deadline. Think of it as a digital detox - two-wheeled, fat tyred vinyl to everyone else’s MP3”. Due out around mid April 2015, you can sign up for email updates - and a chance to win a year’s free...
The January 2015 Bike of The Month contest was taken by FatMikeyNYC's 1983 Fat Chance #138. The full result is as follows 1. FatMikeyNYC's 1983 Fat Chance #138 2. The Pro's Closet's 1983 Series III Breezer 3. drystonepaul's 1993 Saracen Traverse Elite