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"Once a cool thing is been done it cannot be undone" - so begins one of the most seminal films in Mountain Biking including Hans "No Way" Rey and Greg "H-Ball" Herbold. Hans has released the full version of the film on his you tube channel, for those whose VHS player is in the loft it is well worth revisiting.

Tread was the first ever feature length mountain bike film starring Hans Rey and Greg Herbold as well as many riders from the golden era of mountain biking. This classic cult film, by many considered the 'Endless Summer' of mountain biking, gives a great perspective of the state and cultures of MTB in 1993. Filmed on 16mm film at locations all over the world, produced and directed by Bill Snider / Oak Creek Films.


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Random anecdote…
It features the Metabief World Championship round at 1:13:00… I was there (it pissed it down!) and coincidentally, got both Greg Herbold and Hans Rey to sign my GT shirt. I even got mistaken for an official Team GT rider (I had a swanky Zaskar) and travelled on the uplift with Greg. I’d only ever seen him on the front of Mountain Bike UK up until that point. I mulled over what to say to him all the way up. Just before we got to the cable car station I blurted out “Nice bike mate!”. He kinda said something generically Californian to the effect of “err, ok, thanks…” and we bumped fists.

I really regret that moment. 😂
I lived in Denver when this premiered, and I took my son to see it. Greg Herbold was in the lobby signing the promo posters. My son, now 35 year old, still has the poster. Still one of the best MTB movies ever. Thanks for the reminder.
Just discovered this film! Good thing is getting dark early these days and the weather doesn't invite much riding...

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