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Dirt Disciple
1986 or 1987? Jamis Durango.
This was my first MTB. It was Jamis' entry level MTB at the time.
I am the original owner. I purchased this bike from a local shop in June 1987.
I have used it on and off over the year as a commuter bike.
It's seen a lot of miles during the lockdown!


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Dyna-Tech Fan
93 Ridgeback 705rs parts bin
99 Stumpjumper Comp Screenshot_20210412-185313_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20210420-184415_Gallery.jpgI use the Stumpjumper more, yet built the Ridgeback up for commuting... I occasionally use my 98 Stumpjumper which I prefer over the 99.


Old School Hero
Here is the bike I currently use to commute, I am fortunate that my route to work is pretty comfy, only one road which has a dedicated bike lane, after that it's riverside path, some gravel track which takes me round the weir and finally a tree lined footpath that takes me over the river Nene and the canal. P5283222.JPG

Best part of my working day to be honest, I leave earlier than I need so I can take it slow and enjoy the peace and tranquillity.