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Same bike, but with a few quality of life improvements from my parts bin. Vetta SL saddle, Thompson seat post, unknown brand but very light and slightly shorter (more comfortable) stem and Ritchey grips, it was a lovely ride before but now it's a really lovely ride. :) Pic taken on the way to work at 05.30 this morning.

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Cinder Cone on the previous page is now gone, I parted it out and made some of my money back
The BB ate itself after a couple of weeks, took it apart and one side's cup is seized in the frame. Got written off by a mechanic friend.

For now, I'm using this £17 eBay bargain, only changed the tyres and added guards:

1994(?) Carrera Krakatoa Flex.
It runs great - the middle chainring has a crack in it and it's non-replaceable so cranks are next on the list.
yep 94, I have the same one, still giving sterling service, it's Triggers Broom really as its on it's second or third set of wheels, third set of cranks, and second set of handlebars, gear shifters( old ones given away to a mate when I converted it to drops). It's still on its original BB, brake arms, seat post and derailleurs though.


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My work bike.. 10speed 2016 Condor (Columbus) 26er with SimWorks bits


..Ive just put the mudguards back on now the damn rain is back


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