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Friday's ride.

And to round off the week: heavy rain.

Much craziness for the moment. I've lost my workshop space. It's being used to store a kitchen. I am limited to one bike. Far better than none. But I really could do with carrying out a bit of maintenance...

Much milder today 14°c this morning. Wasn't much more than that on the way home.Screenshot_20210619-075110_Photos.jpgScreenshot_20210619-075102_Photos.jpg


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Much of the day was spent babysitting a wee sproglet so it was 5.40 pm by the time I got out for a ride. I decided to ride to Wye, just because the distance suited the time available. No sunny beaches today. Grey skies and damp. 17 degrees, just under 24 miles.


The River Stour at Wye: the Roman road from Canterbury to Hastings forded the river at this point.

On the way back:


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Wheel free for the weekend. Come Monday, the grind becomes a grind...

Weather with echoes of Friday. Persistent drizzle marred the ride home.

The abandoned flour mill at Mexborough. If this building was located 17 miles upstream in Sheffield developers would be wetting their pants over it. Here it is virtually worthless.


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Monday morning was grotty, today it looked much better. Still, another northerly breeze (what's that about?), 12 degrees, feeling 10 in the shade so still long sleeves and a windbreaker needed. Some blue skies and golden sunshine, mixed with high cloud.

Did another scoot around the hills taking in a few alternative roads to Tremethick Cross, bypassing the "masses" in Penzance. I met this crew just before a cattle grid; a little shy but we soon became friends after I offered some tasty grass. I haven't chilled with a horse since I was a kid 😄



I'll refrain from posting any more postcard shots as I don't want to encourage any more suburbanites to this part of the world. Damn townies... ;) Speaking with a few folks, it sounds like we moved just before the market went into meltdown. Many agents have reverted to sealed bids only, with properties fetching £30-40k more than the asking / guide price.


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'Many agents have reverted to sealed bids only, with properties fetching £30-40k more than the asking / guide price.'

Sounds about right. There has been much silliness in the property market of late. I was outbid on a property recently, only for it fall back in my lap about six weeks later. The original 'buyer' couldn't obtain a sufficient mortgage. After they attempted to beat the vendor down £15k, it was offered back to me. I agreed to buy, but at less than my final offer, and am now waiting to complete.
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