The 1998 Kona Explosif Restomod Project

Paul R

Senior Retro Guru
All built. It's very Christmasy looking. What a machine, It rides lovely. Slightly less vibration compared to the Caldera id say (tyre pressures are the same). I did a 41 mile ride on it yesterday and loved every minute of it even with my lack of go after all the christmas lard. A fairly good overall weight in the end hopefully future tweeks will lower it a bit more.

Polished the RaceFace chainset back up before i fitted it and gave it some wax allong with a fresh new chain.DSC_1111.JPGDSC_1122.JPGDSC_1128.JPGDSC_1132.JPGDSC_1137[1].JPGDSC_1140[1].JPGDSC_1139[1].JPG


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Apologies for hijacking your thread but you inspired me to not only do longer rides on 700c wheels! On my Cindercone couple of weeks ago...


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