Stiff bottom bracket.


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I don't know why I didn't notice before but the bottom bracket on my Proflex Attack LE is stiff to turn. You don't notice when pedaling but if I'm to set multiple KOMs on Strava this won't help :D
Seriously is there any point in trying to soak it in a lubricant or should I just shell out £6.99 for a UN26 as originally fitted? Or should I really push the boat out and spend more than double on a UN55?


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It's a smooth stiff :oops: . Not the kind of thing one usually has to admit to. I suspected it wouldn't be worth messing with. I'll go for the UN55 in the hope it will out live me.


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TBH, even with the crank on they can be quite stiff, especially if they are new and full of factory fresh grease and nice tight seals.......... how stiff are we actually talking here?
Half a turn of the crank under it's own inertia? (i've had brand new ~£100 bottom brackets that stiff, 1000 miles later they are smooth as you like. 10 years on and, they still are.......)


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Grease it when fitted. Take it out 10 years later when grouchy. Never take it out yearly but then I've limited time to tinker and would rather ride