Spending, say, a grand, on a bike to ride, in order to have less bikes.


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and no, its not bleedin' Noel Edmunds!



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Looks a great bike, quality stuff Nishiki, classic rolls, whats better in the grand scheme of things.. In some respects its more important getting out and riding and enjoying yourself. I have currently just bought an Orange Elite 92 FF, and have a barely used 93 LX groupset, not most peoples cup of tea, but I like it, and its going on! Plus thinking of chucking some Cinelli drops and using as a light off road commuter 👍


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Is that Noel Edmonds?

The bootzipper will have the same gearing as my Whippet no doubt. 32 is too low and it spins out on anything other than off road.


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So the opening post was complaining about too many bikes and the discussion has been on what OTHER BIKE to get under 1k!! ;-)

I'm down to just 2, and it was a slow process, but I believe it will help to clarify what you value most on the bikes you want to keep. Start choosing the bike you like the least. First one will be easier. Once that is gone (and realise how little market value your "treasures" have), go for the next least loved bike. And so on. Each one will be harder to pick, and might take longer to sell ("for less than XXX I'll rather keep it!"). You might even start swapping parts, giving the least liked to the bike about to be sold

On the process, in my case I realised that my favourite traits on a bike are rigid fork, steel everything, external cables, flat bar and upright position, with loads of eyelets for carrying or attaching stuff. I already have such a thing on my beloved '92 Trek 950, so I don't need a new bike. But if I ever feel weak and want to get one, I know what I would be looking for (and I check the market regularly, with Breezer Radar Cafe, Surly Bridge Club and Kona Unit X being my current favourites, that I DON'T really need). On the meantime, each time I feel like treating myself, I just get something nice for the Trek. The last bit was a new front wheel with a Deore XT dynamo hub...

Good luck, but don't buy before you start selling, or the problem will only get bigger...