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Sorry , just to be clear , are you meaning the Bakfiets ? If so , the design is/has to be a massive compromise to get that one size fits all solution , {something the Dutch seem to have mastered} let alone whacking a gert box on the front ! If it didn't have a motor it would annoy the back legs off me 'cos it's about as aerodynamic as the side of a Dutch house ! As it is it annoys me because it's way too much fun for something so weighty and practical . :) :confused::)
Mhm, the Bakfiets.

I think all cargo bikes by Bakfiets and L&H offer without power assist.
Conversion! :)

Been wanting to do this for a while. The original rear wheel was failing at the spoke nipples and at the drive-side bearings. Original intent was to make custom 20” & 27.5” wheels with Hope Pro 4 hubs, but haven’t sorted the parts yet. This DT Swiss 29” alternative popped up locally for dirt cheap and barely used so will use that for now.

Rolling circumference from the stock 27.5” (with 2.6” tire) to the 29” (with 2.4” tire) was + 25 mm or so at the center line but required full adjustment of the fender.

29771275-6AF4-4308-9678-47F8AA30EBD0.jpeg D72848A1-F87B-4245-9E54-2AEA36A29AEE.jpeg A0C5000D-8B46-401C-8794-2D50666DEA53.jpeg C5884496-9795-4AE3-B149-8C65E6E96E60.jpeg F1B99F37-E626-49C3-A499-E4880A38FCA2.jpeg A24639B7-4AEB-458F-B71D-1F08163A35BF.jpeg 4A737296-CAD4-402E-B0BE-FC29BF17D9FC.jpeg
My first ebike conversion was on a Claud butler cape wrath it was the perfect candidate as the frame triangle fitted the 48v 17.5 ah battery well.
I purchased the bike off of gumtree it was in mint condition sat in a dry garage for years it had hardly been used as it still had the nobbles on the tyres. It was well equipped with Rock shox dart forks, Deore shifters and derailer, cane creak rim brakes and a nice set of ritchey disc ready wheels. A bargain for £120.
The conversion was very straightforward after watching many YouTube tutorials on the bafang 750w mid drive installation.
I upgraded the rim brakes to hydraulic and fitted new rotors (160 to the rear and 180 to the front) I’m glad I did as I got upto speeds of over 30 mph. I fitted motor cut off sensors to the brake levers and also fitted a gear sensor which acts like a clutch it pauses the motor as you select gears which saves premature wear to the drivetrain with smooth shifting.
It was a great joy to build and since then I have built a few others the 1500w rear hub motor on the Scott reflex was a Little sketchy.
I would recommend the bafang mid drive motor over hub drives any day.


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Just found this thread, so here’s a few pics of “The Beastie” which I bought in February 😎

I’ve been out more on this than any of my other bikes, it’s a great bit of kit!

Have upgraded it with carbon wheels, Hope bars and stem and the AXS gears and dropper from my Stooge…. think a Garmin will be next. 👍🏻

e6bed73b-4117-40ac-974a-532dcef36e2f.jpeg IMG_2624.jpeg IMG_2628.jpeg IMG_2693.jpeg IMG_2817.jpeg IMG_2823.jpeg IMG_2826.jpeg
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