Reynolds K2 tubing new info + Raleigh K2 bike observations.


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My purple ( "dark ruby") Summit only looked good to me in the dark till I resprayed it!
I have an interesting 501 Raleigh, marketed as a "Moonrun". Nice Suntour groupset, with an August '90 date code. It has a different geometry and rear triangle to my earlier ones. Also has an oversize headtube! Has anyone had or even spotted one of these? It was painted (stove enamelled?) black to a high standard, still looks very tidy. I remember telling a know-it-all bike shop owner about it, he was sure I was just plain stupid, so I took it in to show him. Seeing is believing!


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Why don't you post a pic of it on the Raleigh MTB owners page - part of the forum which needs to see a bit more activity cos most people just worship the Dynatechs stuff. I would like to see your bike.


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I'd be happy to, but my computer literacy is so poor I don't know how to post pics.. Don't have of "Moonie" (as I call it) in stock either. Bit pathetic really, will try to rectify both those issues!


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Original paint on my 1993 Peak is still great.
Stickers are shit but that's minor.
If you can email pics I can sort them out.


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Cheers matey, will do some pics then pm you/email..Ta! I've de-stickered a few bikes over the years, looks better to me than tatty ones, and they're usually a bit naff anyway!