For Sale Retrobike snoods - taking orders (order book now closed)


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I will be contacting Giraffe UK with final numbers on Friday so please get your name down by 0800 on Friday the 7th of October 2022

After an initial suggestion by @KermitGKona88, these have been discussed in some length over in the off topic section of the forum. The exact cost is TBC but they will definitely be less than £10 each (50p of which will go to a Ukraine charity appeal), including postage to your UK address (overseas will be more). We will be ordering them from in the Repreve fabric, made from 100% plastic waste. They are available in either blue or black fabric. I've posted details up in the road and +98 too but this will be the only thread open for comments.

If you would like to commit to buying one then please comment on this post. If you want more than one please state how many you want, also stating which colour(s) you would like. I'm going to be paying for these up front, so please don't ask for one if you're not going to pay up! If you've already said you'll buy one on the off topic thread can I ask that you please comment again in here, so that I get confirmation of your colour choice.


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Retrobike_V6 Visual copy.jpg
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Thanks Adrian.

Can i have one black and one blue please.