For Sale Retrobike snoods - taking orders (order book now closed)

This was all going so well. I decided to spend an hour before work, packaging up the first batch for the PO. Digging deeper into the box, they've sent the entire order in black 😭😡 I've double checked my emailed order and it's their fcuk up. I'm waiting for a response........

I'm really sorry everyone. Hopefully they'll sort this out asap
I'll gladly wait for a blue one. I would insist that they sorted it at there expense, then the spare black ones can be up for sale on here with all the proceeds going to charity.
I'll post this to the other threads, just so no-one misses it.

We have donated the 50p per item, from the original order, to the British Red Cross Ukraine appeal. Thanks to everyone for their donations and for @gil_m for forgoing his design fee in lieu of the donation. I know it shows my name on the donation but in the details I did state that it was from Retrobike


Regarding the additional order, once they are all sold we will make a donation to the Charlie Kelly fundraiser.