Retrobike has a lot to answer for…


Dirt Disciple
Just wanted to say hi as a newb on here, stumbled across the website while having a mid life crisis a few months back and somehow, accidentally ended up with 3 ‘90s era bikes shortly after.
Have to say the website is great and there are some killer bikes on here that get me a bit misty eyed and yearning for my youth again.

My lot is a bit GT heavy at the moment (and apologies for the poor before photos) but so far, taking up space is:
• 94 GT Karakoram (ridiculously good condition) almost all original spec other than tyres, saddle and brake/gear shift units, now a singlespeed feral mongrel (original parts stashed away for later)
•90 cannondale SM500 with full suntour group set, rock shox RS1 forks (that kind of still work but will get stripped down soon) and one trick girvin flexstem (that promptly got swapped out) that’s being built for the wife.
•98 mystery GT, possibly/probably a backwood but I’ve posted it up elsewhere asking for some help. No firm plans yet but thinking something a bit dual slalomy’esque

I look forward to wasting more hours than I have on here, and more cash on retro gloriousness!!


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