The story of a stolen Tequila Sunrise


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Back in the early 90s I had a gt karakoram elite in midnight sky, the caratti adverts in mbuk saw to it that it was a must, £60 more than the inferno std karakoram but it had deore dx...... I went to the lbs of dreams York cycleworks and it looked so nice in the flesh, more turquoise/teal than in the advert, deal was sealed, got one with a few weeks wages and an Xmas bonus, upgrades were added over time like thumbies and magura hydrostops, had good times on that bike, even took it to primrose valley ont coast and did rides along the coastal routes.
The sad day came when I was at work (York again), the yard had rolls of barbed wire all around it but useless if someone leaves the gate wide open...... So pissed!, It even got in the evening press as news as the boss said no insurance cover it on in works premesis but he'll call in a favour at the press..... I never saw it again ☹️.

Then you join retrobike and recreate your memory to the last bolt, but alas it's not the same.... But it had to be done!

I've owned about 4 of them now 🤪



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> but alas it's not the same....

I starting to realise that now, the more I read here the more I hear how aging backs don't always enjoy the cycling position of these old bikes...
Funny you should mention the inferno, I picked one up last weekend 😁
It feels great to ride, but I haven't done any real distance on it yet (or actually on any bike for several years now, so it's slow going).
I hope I keep liking the ride, but it's so beautiful if I don't end up riding it much I'll stick it on my wall.

Only 4? 😅 although you're signature shows they have been very well replaced and then some!
I may or may not have bought another one, or 2 😬

Also really hoping I can stick to just GTs, but you guys keep posting amazing photos of bikes that are not GTs :rolleyes:
So many beautiful bikes on this forum, so many I'd forgotten about.
I can and do lose hours reading through the old threads here, bravo retrobike people, bravo 👏

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First proper bike. GT Karakorum in black with blue flames. Traded the frame in for a avalanche as could not afford a zaska. Worse thing I ever did.


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And good luck to you, your bank balance, and keeping to just GT's!

All I wanted was the bike I couldn't afford as a kid.

I have it. I love it. I ride it. And now there are all those others I also wanted and couldn't afford as a kid! ;)