The story of a stolen Tequila Sunrise

> but alas it's not the same....

I starting to realise that now, the more I read here the more I hear how aging backs don't always enjoy the cycling position of these old bikes...
Funny you should mention the inferno, I picked one up last weekend 😁
It feels great to ride, but I haven't done any real distance on it yet (or actually on any bike for several years now, so it's slow going).
I hope I keep liking the ride, but it's so beautiful if I don't end up riding it much I'll stick it on my wall.

Only 4? 😅 although you're signature shows they have been very well replaced and then some!
I may or may not have bought another one, or 2 😬

Also really hoping I can stick to just GTs, but you guys keep posting amazing photos of bikes that are not GTs :rolleyes:
So many beautiful bikes on this forum, so many I'd forgotten about.
I can and do lose hours reading through the old threads here, bravo retrobike people, bravo 👏
First proper bike. GT Karakorum in black with blue flames. Traded the frame in for a avalanche as could not afford a zaska. Worse thing I ever did.

And good luck to you, your bank balance, and keeping to just GT's!

All I wanted was the bike I couldn't afford as a kid.

I have it. I love it. I ride it. And now there are all those others I also wanted and couldn't afford as a kid! ;)