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Hi All,

My job involves regular visits to Runcorn from my base in Glasgow. Usually, I chuck my commuter bike on the train and ride to and from Warrington Bank Quay, but this time I'm going to ride all the way and try to raise a few quid for good causes in the process. All welcome to join me for a few miles at any point and no donation asked for!

I'm going to take it fairly easy and do 80-90 miles a day so that I can both enjoy the scenery and still do a days work in Runcorn on the Tuesday. Audax pace rather than touring speed though.

So, I'm putting an open invitation out for anyone who might want to join me for a few miles of retro-ish riding (I'll be on 80's or 90's steel but 9 or 10 speed). Here's a rough route:

Saturday 19th Central Glasgow to Gretna, basically following NCN route 74

Sunday 20th Gretna to Lancaster via Carlisle, Penrith, Shap, Kendal and Carnforth predominately following a combination of NCN route 6 and the good old A6.

Monday 21st Lancaster to Runcorn via Preston, Ormskirk and St Helens and crossing the Mersey either at Warrington or Widnes.

I'm going to drop a link to this in the Macretro section in case any of them might want to do some of the Scottish leg.
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Just in case you're wondering, there is no donation expected or requested this is purely an invitation to join me on the road.
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I'll join you on the 12th probably ride from Carlisle to Lancaster and either get the missus to pick me up or get the train back.
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Top man!

I'm planning on using loud Cougar or possibly the PDM Concorde (after some component swapping) so I'm going to declare this as an official retro-ish ride.
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Calling all Lancashire/Merseyside retrobikers!

I'm still wrestling with the route from Preston to Runcorn... My thinking is that heading generally Southwest towards Ormskirk and over the Mersey at Widnes will be the quieter, more picturesque route in comparison to riding through or past Wigan and Warrington.

Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated!

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Thought I'd bring it over here,

Are you planing on using the A6 from Carlisle to Penrith to Kendal to Lancaster etc or did you have some thing else in mind.
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Good thinking... Sorry for the hijack :p

Was just planning on the A6 for the lumpy bit as it keeps the climbing down. Also, if it's wet, I'll be looking for as much straight line speed as possible.

NCN 7 from Rockcliffe to Carlisle and either continuing on that or the A6 to Penrith.

If there's still juice in the tank, the more coastal route from Kendal could also be used.

Open to suggestions though.
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Don't worry its as bout as many comments that thread will get. :roll:

A6 is pretty busy was thinking of using the back road from Carlisle/Durdar to Penrith and then Penrith to Shap via back roads
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Its roughly the same milage where shall I meet you in Carlisle and what time.