1950's George Whitlow 531 retro mod build - a labour of love


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The History Man":151vguvg said:
I have my own inbuilt fuzzy logic. Can’t remember. Took about 15 mins.

I’m impressed, I’ve spent ages looking and found just one reference (no pics) & when I tried to contact the poster (via a Fixed Gear forum in the states, his email bounced)

I’ll keep trying.....


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@The History Man - thanks for that! That's produced a result!!

I contacted Bill (the chap in the link) and he's sent me some photos of the frame he has, including some close ups of the decals. Even better, he's given me a lead on the only other Whitlow he's managed to find, which is in a local bike museum (Walton Hall Cycle Museum, nr Warrington), so I'm off to have a look at that one too…..

The power of retrobike!


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I love this, the build, the story, the family history (especially that cracking photo) and how this forum works with people like THM chipping in with the stickers.
Stick it in RBoTM retro Mod special… I’d vote for it ;)


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Thanks for that @PeachyPM - I might just do that! Especially if I can get the stickers made up……that will finish it off nicely!