rebuilding my Fausto Coppi Galaxy


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It looks very nice but I wonder what the ride is like. Is it as harsh as any other modern aluminium bike or did the Italians (I presume) manage to get some flexibility in the rear triangle. There is another yellow one with a carbon front fork on auction currently at about 100 usd.


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i have had this frame about 20 years now, i have never felt it to be harsh to be honest, obviously with the stiffening webbing at the headtube and seat cluster and BB you would think it might be harsh but i have never felt that it was an issue and for the most part i prefer steel frames but i like the ride of this bike.

i have since rebuilt it though as i have put a the ITM millenium fork/stem/bar/post back in and refitted the 10speed Record, i did this as i wanted the 9 speed group for another project which i will be doing a thread for.

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