Raleigh Solo...not badged as sun solo


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After restoring my Olmo (supposed to be a re framing of my Elswick turbo 12 which is too big for me) I realised that I've only used the wheels from the Elswick, and as a result still have a complete bike as I have a couple of sets of spare wheels.

A quick trawl of ebay reveals a Raleigh Solo frame in my size, so I purchased it. While I've found info on the Sun Solo, I've not been able to find much about the Raleigh Solo, which appears to be the same bike. It has the same distinctive sheet metal rear brake bridge as the BSA Tour De France I had a year or so ago, which was another Raleigh product, so I'm thinking it is essentially the same bike, I'm guessing a budget / catalogue bike?

Anyone know much about these? I'll post some photos when I collect it, I'm thinking of doing some resto mod updates if it's not worth much.
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This is the frame in question, note the pressed brake bridge.



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