Raleigh RSP Team Issue M-trax Freeride 853 MTB


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I have an interesting bike that I know little about.

Back in 1998 I purchased this bike from the World Rally Champion Richard Burns ( who sadly passed away at age 34). At the time he was sponsored by Raleigh who gave him I presume their top spec Special Products team issue MTB ( including Richard burns decal). I rode it for a few years in the UK then returned to Australia where it has sat in storage ever since. I dusted it off yesterday and doing some research in the forums here. I suspect this might be of some collectors value if I was still in the UK.

No idea of value but I suspect no-one in Australia would be interested anyway!


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You’ll see that bikemeister2000 who was product manager at RSP / Raleigh SPD has this same frame - it’s an 853 Full Sus Freeride Prototype. If you contact Steve he’ll tell you about it - I’ll email him and link this thread.


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Thanks ibbz - that looks like its identical twin. Nice to be a prototype !

Now to find someone in Australia who might value it accordingly..