1994 Raleigh M-Trax Ti 3000


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Having sold my 1998 Kona Hahanna last weekend to a local retro enthusiast, and forum member, part of the deal was to get my old Raleigh M-Trax Ti 3000 frame back.

I had to get some UGLI's for it, as I had never had any in the past, again obtained via here.

A few smaller bits have been purchased so far, so I will be able to hit the ground running once I have finished my 1992 Raleigh Peak.

Got a photo of what I have so far, and more updates along the way.

M-Trax Ti3000 UGLIs.jpg
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OEM spec paint (Forks Included!) re-decal, and put some something like OEM spec, poss OEM+ with period bits.

We shall see!
Well, I have finally got all the parts gathered together for the Ti3000.

Paint is ordered, so this will be started as soon as I have the 1992 Peak built up.