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Hi all,

Backstory: (tldr: wanted a pub bike. Bike was free but needed welding among other things, now a little project)

The brief I set myself for this project was... A bike that I (a 20 year old Automotive Design student with no previous knowledge fixing up bikes...) could fix up with a limited budget and toolkit to ride to the local pub and back.

And so the search began. Initially I had my eye on one or two vintage road bikes that came up on Facebook (including a very nice Raleigh Banana which I very almost bought...) but eventually I started looking for a late 80s/early 90s mountain bike, as I fancied a few gravel trails nearby. Along popped up the Raleigh Massif, which I picked up for free locally from an older couple who'd given up cycling.


However the little Massif wasn't to stay free for long... The rear seat stay had come apart from the frame and required welding. I didn't have the knowledge to fix this, but upon the recommendation of this welcoming forum (wow! Everyone here is so much friendlier than the classic VW groups! 😆) I got a local welder to fix it for a couple of quid. He even painted over it for me saving me an extra job!


I could now assemble the bike and take it for its first proper ride since I picked it up! Its very heavy but surprisingly smooth to ride.

Here was the maiden voyage - a trip to the beach with a pack of beer and my friend (whos bike is worth a little bit more than the poor massif 🤣) in Mumbles, South Wales.


I've since grown to love the little Raleigh - it's by no means the best bike in the world (it is much heavier than my bike back at home, and hurts my backside a lot more too with no suspension!) but it's a charming little thing.

Turned a few heads too, and a passerby even mentioned that he liked it! Something I'd never have thought would happen with 35 year old push bikes.


I've bought some ODI Vans grips and a Charge Spoon saddle, both in tan, so will fit these when I have the chance. It also needs some new tyres so will be getting those soon too. After that I think it's just going to be general maintenance (now I have the bug I might need to get myself another bike or two... Or spend a fortune on this one, we'll see😆)

Thanks, Oli

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Looks great, my friend had a massif when we were kids in the 80’s and his sister had the girls version called the Montana. We rode miles on those bikes I had a Raleigh mustang at the time. I picked up a massif about 3 years ago locally and gave it to him for his birthday last year he was over joyed and is out on the same bike he had so long ago! It’s a great color scheme too, enjoy riding it.

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