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I came across an ad of an Raleigh Europa with an remarkable color sheme, a kind of Britisch Racing Green and Yellow, which I find quite nice. Never seen this in a catalogue so I was wondering if someone could tell me if this is an original color or maybe a privat paintjob.
Any information on this subject would be welcome since I would like to
plan a rebuild of a vintage Raleigh in this color sheme.
Raleigh Europa BRG.jpg

Thanks for any comments


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I'm pretty sure that is a reproduction seat tube transfer, and I use the term 'reproduction' loosely, 'cause obviously if it was a faithful reproduction, I wouldn't be able to tell you that it was a reproduction. This is a situation a few of us have been expending some energy on recently- getting a Raleigh seat tube transfer available that sufficiently resembles the original that you cannot tell at a glance that it is not original.


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I’d say that’s a respray job as don’t think there are any Europa limited editions produced??

jim haseltine

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And the transfers are in the wrong places - the down tube and seat tube transfers are too low and the cross bar transfers are too far back - often an indication that somebody unskilled at the art fitted them in the middle of the tubes.


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What’s stamped under the bottom bracket as that would provide a clue