Phillip "Pipmeister" MOCK KONA GURU AND LEGEND


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Good afternoon ..
Some sad news I am afraid..
Yesterday morning Thursday 24/0/22 {early hours} Pip passed away peacefully at a hospice in the Worcester area. He was being cared for by his sister and brother in law in his final weeks.
Hilly his sister did say that "a send off" would be held in Thatcham area for all his local friends etc
As soon as I know the details date/time/location I will update you all
Thank you for your time
His kona hei hei frame numbers list was and is my bible. A grand master who will be missed very much.


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what a dumb I'm, just discover the sad news, rest in peace sir Mock,
thank you again for all the great work you done on here.
we will miss you.

chris :(

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