BoTM BoTM May 2022 nominations - Kona Special, dedicated to the memory of @pipmeister

Bike of The Month
Ok, here you go; my:

@magas 1996 Kona Explosif

owned by me from new. During all that years it had some kit on it until I decided to bring it back to OE-spec. some years ago. Somewhere at RB there are pics. of the rebuild but I could not find them.

I'm not into BoTM but for the memory of Pip this is a must for me.

For me, the splatter paint CinderCone is the essence of the early gen trail-smashing steel rigs…whereas this is the ‘feel’ of the really hard-charging days of the late 90s…that colourway is particularly redolent of that blossoming time….

…I remember a day (I‘m saying that a lot now) when Chris was tanking down the bridleway into Alfriston, flints everywhere, a canopy of damp trees above, and we heard him cursing and blinding at the top of his voice, behind us. He’d just built a rig which was almost exactly as the green one here, and a flint had come up off the front wheel and really whanged the bottom bracket shell. He was furious. Really furious. Calm down boy, sh+t happens…..
C'mon guys, I know there are even more Konas out there!!

Some absolute stunners so far, but I can still think of a few we haven't seen in this thread yet....
Almost missed the deadline!

Once A Hero’s ‘Campag’ Kona Explosif