Overbury's Pioneer MAX


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Last August this was outed on the eBay & Marketplace Watch forum. It was advertised as a Chas Roberts White Spider, which it clearly wasn't, and was in a bit of a state. There weren't many images in the listing but most of a Campagnolo groupset could be seen. I couldn't convince the seller to post it but a generous offer to collect from @27motorhead led me to pull the trigger.
Over the years I've had collection assistance from helpful forum members a few times, but this one has got to be up there with the best of them. The route from Tim's house to Marek's was around 15 miles each way but the outward journey may have been a little quicker that the return leg, as Tim had a complete bike strapped to the back of his trusty PAC Designs messenger bag! Marek took this shot as Tim was leaving with the bike...

IMG-7844 (1).jpg

And Tim's wife took this one when he arrived home...

So this first post is a shout out to Tim, and all the other forum members, who go out of their way to help each other out. It's one of the things that make this place, and our hobby, something special. If you're ever in need of assistance, or want to offer your services to others, then check out the collection assistance thread
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My pleasure @raidan73 ! If it wasn't for me having just recently purchased a 1990 GT Team Avalanche about a week prior to this I probably would have bought it for myself! 😜

Hand crafted British fillet brazed frame :cool:
Beautiful Columbus Max OR tubing (them profiles! 😍)
Campagnolo off-road group with large flange hubs! :cool:

What's not to like???

This was located near where I use to live, so took a trip down memory lane along the roads I use to fly along. Marek was a great character and we chatted about all sorts for about an hour and a half. He had over 10 motorbikes out his back garden!

He bought this bike for his girlfriend at the time who was from New Zealand and a swimwear model. He must have really loved her to get her a bike like this! 😊

I have to be honest Adrian, I didn't want to post this off to you! 😜🤣

PAC bags rule! 💪🤟
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I was in hospital while all this was going on, so @27motorhead and brother @al sorted out the delivery of the bike to Cornwall. I had to wait until just before Christmas to pick it up, and it sat in the box for a while before I even opened it. It then had to wait, an even longer while, until I did anything with it. I stripped it down last weekend and, despite it's rough appearance, everything came apart nicely. The bottom bracket and headset were well greased, so it wasn't as neglected as it appeared, though there's plenty of surface rust on everything!

The Pioneer MAX is a pretty rare bird. I've only seen a handful, at most, online. There's a rather nice one on the forum here but unfortunately the owner, @Dorset_Knob, hasn't been seen around these parts for a while.

Here's an ad from an old mag...

Pioneer Max.jpg