My best Lockdown project.


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My boss sent me a link to this on his local Facebook village page.
It was a no brainer.
Built in 1992 so almost Retro full Campagnolo tandem groupset. Obviously needs cables and tyres etc. The cranks spin perfectly still.
It’s now taking up space but that’s fine.
I couldn’t find the tandem section of this forum !!


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Cracking machine . A proper old school Marathon frame .
The boss I have had loads of fun on ours both touring and day rides .
Does it have a drag brake fitted on the rear hub ?
Cos if you going to ride it in hilly areas I would fit one . From personal experience a tandem takes a lot of stopping on the down hill . Our tanden orginally had campagnolo cantis fitted , which i changed to hydraulic rim brakes following a few hairy moments.
Most Campag tandem hubs have the thread on the left hand side of the hub for one .
I we still rode it a lot I would double up on the rear braking .
Biggest issue I found was/is the rims getting very hot on long descents :shock:

This our beast

Paint it black. by rebalrid, on Flickr

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Our race tandem used first generation Dura-Ace sidepulls. Mind you, in a time trial the brakes are only there for show. Aren't they.....?


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kermitgreenkona88":a9twapgx said:
What brakes is it running Dia Compe ?
Campagnolo brakes. Shimano rear mech and levers. Campagnolo cranks,hubs and front mech.

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