MBK Special pro…thoughts?

I did post the link to this verified team bike on the second page if anyone wants to click into it but the riders name was on drive side top tube .

🤔 - yeah, that looks well genuine team issue and team given considering the touching introduction in the description. So, we still don't know anything about stamping, but do know hand-painted name. I suspect it was one of those good looking French girls that did that instead of the old blokes needing about 3 Pernods and half a bottle of plonk to just get motor functions in order.
Yes, but Motobecane's paint was always above average, which is why so many 40-50-year old Motos are seen in decent condition. Mine looks almost new.
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I think it's perfectly proper and accurate to call this bike not just a genuine team bike but a real Motobecane, albeit one with an added "MBK" name. It was 100% built in the Motobecane special workshop by the same hands as built the former blue version and ridden by the same riders. It's simply the final version of the Team Champion or Special Pro La Redoute edition.
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Voila - 1982 Catalogue. Some blurb about custom handbuilt and made to measure, clearly stating built in the workshop like that for the professionals - looks like the dealers had the options listed with prices so could give a quick price quote.

There are many such documents (but thanks for another): 1983 French Catalog, advertisements, dealer circulars. This program existed formally for many years, and possibly informally before that.

I wish I knew what the serial numbers mean. Mine indicates no date or partial date. It's 100-(something). Number one thousand something in a sequence that began at an unknown time. If the bike has not been altered the components can help with the date. In my case, I could tell that the headset was original: The grease was practically petrified, and the other parts are both costly and identical to those listed in the catalog. An A9 headset means 1984-85; a D8 would be 1981-3. If it's Campagnolo or other brand you can't rely on it because it was a replacement.