Like buses - GT Team RTS rebuild completed


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Just over a week ago I had no rideable bikes. Now I have just completed a fourth, my GT Team RTS.

It has been hung partially built for a while after I started a rejig but stalled. I decided to stick with the m952 gearing and cranks, I really like the hershey spider.

Brakes I switched over to some avid ultimate at both ends and levers. I fitted a fibrelyte booster at the back, may swap it out for a black odyssey though.

The forks were swapped over to a set of rock shox sid world cup. I built these myself from nos parts I bought over time, it just took me a while to get the courage to cut the carbon steerer. I left it at 220mm which is probably too long, bit I didn't want to go shorter. Lowers are nos race, might update the decals as I have a load.

Spins also fitted, complete with some x-lite tech 9 skewers.

Rides great, a few decisions still to make:

Swap the noleen for a risse (I'd lose damping adjustments but lighter and newer).

Decals. I have some for the spins and the seat post and stem (controltech). Not sure whether to fit them or not.

Brake booster change. Not sure i quite like the blue x-lite bolts either. Might go to black.

Saddle. Might pop a use carbon on.

Thoughts welcomed.

This will be my last build for a while, gt lightning next.


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Nice build. What is that funky XTR crank spider? Never seen anything like it before.
Also: Holly headset spacer stack batman!


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Spider is hershey racing. I've only ever seen one other myself.

Yes, lots of spacers, didn't want to cut the fork steerer any shorter. Did have a spacer on top but swapped it over as it looked worse.