Last chain reaction cycle orders?

Something arrived from crc this morning. I can only assume by the weight of the box it’s coming in dribs and drabs….
Amazon don't do that now with our orders
I've ordered 12 brake disc bolts before from CRC that came in an oversized box

Didn't actually know they had packed in
My order came today too. All there bar 2 items I didn't really need so all good.

My packaging was very efficient, very tall box brimmed. My last order came in 4 deliveries, 2 jiffy bags with single items, a box nearly full and a helmet separately. I wasn't sure the helmet was coming so flagged it, they refunded me. I let them know it arrived should they wish to deduct the money but not sure they did, not sure they refunded me for the missing items either as it goes.

Swings and roundabouts.
And, in a move that would make Amazon proud, this was the contents…
I nearly clicked a laughing face reaction but then wanted to put a shocked or angry..... I don't think I've ever had to consider a reaction emoji so much. Huge box for a little item, as it's going down the pan it's cheaper to order 10,000 big boxes than 100 small ones or even an envelope?

I remember coming home to be asked by SWMBO, 'What have you bought now?' A large pair of boots size box contained a spark plug, (NGK B7ES from memory), off ebay. You could have fitted 250 spark plugs in that box. Made me feel sad about the world, :confused:
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Mine too, 9 days after ordering. All items in the order were received together, sensibly packaged and in one box. No complaints here either at £20 posted for this lot:
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Just went on the app to try for more purchases, got the site build page instead of checkout. I think it’s all over?……

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