Last chain reaction cycle orders?

…..Although 2 more boxes came today, one of the boxes has quite obvious contents, whilst the other might be the first order? Or part two of the second order? or the whole of the third order?…….🤦🏼‍♂️
I went a bit daft the last few days prior to CR closing, grabbed about 25 assorted Nukeproof
headsets @ 50p each!, a headset press tool and BB chase face tool, handlebars, shimano rotors at discounted prices.
Just read the thread - gutted to hear they went under and gutted that I missed the crazy sale, but it looks like the website is back and working?
Did Evans buy the name?

Last time I walked into an Evans shop, the experience was uninspiring:
- Do you sell 650B rims in 32h drilling?
- I'll call the bike mechanic...
- 650B? Never heard of it.
Looks like Evans (new wcr brand owner) is studying at the feet of Halfords.

Borrow money, sell stuff cheap, borrow more money, give the chief exec a pay rise, don't value shopfloor staff or their knowledge, keep their employment rights low with zero hours contracts, don't try to repair things or carry much stock (apart from bikes obvs)
Borrow more money... 🙄