Kore 30.9 seatpost only £10 posted (Now sold)


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You probably know by now that in 2021 I'm going back to attempt what I failed in 2019, taking on and conquering both Mountain mayhem and Twentyfour 12 - 24 hour solo. This attempt being a bit different as I'm having to overcome other battles and I'm doing it in honour of a friend (that supported me throughout my struggles) who sadly lost his battle with cancer last week. I'm raising money for a mental health charity that he supported through his cycling. I want to give it everything I have, prove that his belief in me was worth it and to show his family that their support wasn't wasted. But anyway I need to raise the money to make these events a success so I can actually get some adequate equipment instead of bodging stuff together in the hope it will work. That means selling anything that isn't attached to a working bike to try and get a few hundred quid together for decent lights etc.

First up is this seatpost. I not long ago bought it off here but the Marin build (along with others) has had to be abandoned so I won't need this anymore. When I bought it, I was told it was brand new and it certainly looked it. I fitted it to the frame but it's never been used. Unfortunately right at the bottom of the seatpost there is a little bit of paint loss from fitting it (bottom 3-4mm so no chance of seeing it when fitted) but the other 99% is still like new.

Asking price £10 posted (to UK).

There will be other things up for sale soon, I just need to work out which bikes I can sacrifice.


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