Just serviced….

the poor bloke who listed it must be a member of this forum.

its no longer available on ebay due to error in the listing.

must have done that as he got fed up with all the comments on here.
That's a classic one, the QR. Wonder if it's a hangover from folks used to the wingnut type ?
nar, it was always a person who simply didn't know how to use them. a few were kids where their folks had done it for them (this worries me more than it should).

the backwards forks was normally the same although I've had a few were they just didn't notice and were mortified when they saw it, normally coming off the back of the car at a local riding spot strangely.
Actually saw a kid (about 12-ish) at the local pump track today riding a bike with backwards fork. Then again, seeing the flopping brake lever (and bluetooth caliper no less!), c. 4-5psi threadbare tyres and the fact that it was a 16" wheel kid's bike better suited to a rider half his age I think the fork is the least of his worries. Give the lad his dues though, least he's out farting round on a bike instead of on a phone.