Hello! And can you help identify my new bike?


Retro Guru
Hi everyone, I’ve been really getting into my bikes in the last year or so, particularly early 90’s mtb’s, but I have dabbled in restoring/servicing other things too.
I’m hoping someone on here can help me get some more info on the bike I picked up yesterday. I got it from the original owner who is a friend and colleague - he’s retiring from cycling due to age/health. I must admit he was sad to be letting it go, but was keen for me to have it as he knows I’ll look after and enjoy doing it up and using it.
I know it’s a Diamond Back Apex, but a google search doesn’t bring up any others with the same black with blue flecks/splatters. Any idea of the model year? It’s got shimano XT everything on it, I’m looking forward to removing all the tat on it and getting out for a ride.
Thanks peeps.


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