Hayes 22mm to flat mount brake adapters

Hi I'm interested as well. Have a trek y glide deluxe with the 22mm Post mount. Would love an adapter
Not yet,
I'm a little lost in getting a good overview of what would be beter...
Offering them through E-bay, or get a Pay-pal account...
It is not that I am planning to start a business, just want to break even on costs, and help people to offers a nice looking adapter biggest benefit for me is that I didn't had have one or 2 precies made for 50 euro each...

If anyone (with experience) could advice me, what to do and what % of costs I have to add to the costprice for each option that would be helpfull

When I had some adapters made up to allow an IS mount on the spooky (https://www.retrobike.co.uk/threads/spooky-bandwagon-metalhead-rear-disc-mount-brake-bracket.419262/) I had a few runs made - first was a prototype run that was quite expensive, I then did two further batches and priced them so that I made a little money back on the first run.

I started a PAypal account and sold most through here, or instagram as a few people promoted them for me on there.

Always meant to get another box made up as I have had a few people enquire about them now.
I’ve literally just removed my Spooky mount/ Hope mount ready to take to my friends CNC shop next week (see my other thread) as part of a batch of rare items to have reproduced
Hey, D8mok. I'm after one of those adaptors for a TREK Y build. Could you produce one and I collect it from your a price of course?
Okay no problem. I'll have to settle with like an XTR m950 v brake or something for now, some people are selling the old hayes calipers on complete bikes, but for prices outside of my budget, so that's why I'm after an adaptor.

Thanks for letting me know, hopefully keep in touch.