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Elev12k, what can I say - a real saint - this guy really does go out of his way to help people and is of course one of the most popular faces on this board, without him I wouldn't have a few of my more unusual pieces or been able to complete some of my rides.

in return I have helped him with shipping but nowhere near the scale this chap has helped me in the past

Cheers Melv ;)
Melv is a kind generous gent who is more than happy to help out in a sale.

Super quick shipping and great communicator too!

Great chap and avid collector of bikes.

Many thanks Melvin!
Nice guy, always helpful, replies very promptly to e-mail or PMs and a prompt payer to boot!

Would not hesitate to deal with again.
Pleasure dealing with!
Top bloke!
Just got a purple USE seatpost so will go with the bars a treat!
Hydraulic V's arrived a few days ago, brand new in box just as described. Now I just need to see if they are actually any good, seems from the reviews that you either love em or hate em :LOL:

Thanks very much.

They arrived only a few days ago :shock: Trip took long than. Glad they arrived in the end.

Enjoy them! So far I didn't try my own pair, but as long as people on the negative side of the polarized fraction come up with arguments like 'you need a 17 wrench for adjustment' there is not much to fear imho.

Let us know whether you like them.
Top man our Melvin, unbelievably good packing,quality product, great communication and a very knowledgable chap..

Recommended A+++ etc etc

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