Elev12k's feedback

Koga Miyata World Traveller

Melvin sold me a World Traveller frame and forks as well as the gear to outfit it. Very, very helpful was the man, not only did he help with me getting all the parts for it he even let me pay for it in a couple of instalments. A better trader you wont find.

Stumpjumper Decals

Melvin also helped me secure a set of original late eighties Stumpjumper decals that were for sale on Marketplaats in Holland. This was very much appreciated as I dont speak the language and dont understand how the site works. He went well out of his way to help, secured them and then sent them over to me. He is what this site is all about.
I can't recommend Elev12k highly enough. I've bought some beautiful kit off him in the past, always as described and very well packagedd as you would hope.
Yesterday he allowed me to use his photos to sell a frame he once sold to me. Far better than I could ever take and sure enough it was sold by the end of the evening!

A true gent. Cheers Mel
Melvin has helped me get countless stuff over the last couple of years (a Colnago Master, Zullo SLX and the rBoTM Panasonic PR-6000 among others), top chap, super reliable and if anything he underplays the condition of the stuff that he sells.

Recommended without hesitation.
Really amazing service, the bike was a great price, he made the effort to offer different postage options, communication was super quick and the packaging was astonishing!

One of the most helpful people I've met here, top seller, top knowledge, top help- all round top guy

many thanks
Thank you Melvin!

Got my Vittorio Strada frame three times faster than norwegian custom could handle. :D

But what's most remarkable is the help and advice he has given me after I got the frame. No question is to stupid it seems. Now I will have, thanks to Mel, the coolest bike in Norway. :cool:

Thanks again!
Melvin is a top guy to deal with.

Besides being the best reference when it comes to Koga Miyatas, Melvin was very helpful in me starting my own Miyata collection.

He Sold me a great Koga Miyata TrailRunner Frame and went beyond to help me get a TiRunner.

I appreciate his knowledge, attention to detail and impeccable packing of Bikes.

Thank you Melvin for all your help and to the many more transactions we may do in the future.

Bilal :D