Either your all dead in a dreadful peleton pile up or your on holiday?????

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I have been nowhere and done nothing other than DIY, look after a poorly partner and a poopy puppy that is growing at an alarming rate. BD00FD89-5610-4963-97DD-7442F6B19EAF.jpeg

And feeding myself.


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Ahhh happy memories! The Mrs wants all my photos from the holiday, I think she'll be disappointed and probably quite mad...DSC_7777.JPG


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Smacked my ribs in a walking pace OTB at Pitmedden last weekend. Was not too bad the first few days then it got worse and I’d to cancel my days coaching at Pitfichie. Was counting on that to get used to the trails there before the race in four weeks. Pretty much scuppered my summer.

I know it’s just a stupid crash and 💩 happens but still sucks.