Dream garage / Dream shed / Dream cupboard.


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@Joe*Pro that is a bit tight, but a clever solution. Guess Mrs. JP will be exiting the vehicle dukes of hazzard style!

Mine is too wide for the garage door - rather annoying as my preference was it was tucked up at night rather than getting covered in sap and sat there on show. It's double length so that's no bother.

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Chair for looking at bikes. Check ✔️
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Parts drawer storage and magazine archive. Check ✔️
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Clothes rack for Jersey storage. Check ✔️

Slowly running out of space. Naturally.
Reckon there's space for 2 more before I actually have no room to work on more bike builds!
The one near the window goes temporarily outside when I need to set up the bike stand.

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@boy"O"boy what's the story behind the Scalextric collection?


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Hang on, is that the garage loft space then, not the house loft? So you have a 2 storey bike collection 🙈