Did Raleigh make a "gas pipe" team replica?


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Picked this up cheaply locally. I expect it will become a donor bike as there appears to be a slight flair on one of the rear seat stays. Perhaps from an attempt to increase the tear hub space?

Anyhow, it was bought years ago "restored" apparently. It certainly isn't in original spec as it has Shimano deer head gears and a Stronglight triple. The paint is slightly rough as if it has been rattle canned but if it has been why replace the ordinary/original stickers in picture #2?

Anyone have any clues what it is? Raleigh gas pipe bike with team stickers added later perhaps.

Cheers Rich.


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Ignore the "Team" decals. Looks like a gas (18-23) pipe jobbie. Although "gas pipe" is derogatory term applied to most tubes that are not Reynolds, Columbus etc. Still a worthy road bike IMHO - but don't spend a lot on it...


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I assure you I do not use the term gas pipe in a scathing way many of us will have ridden and enjoyed gas pipe bikes as kids and older, me included.

It sounds like you agree that someone has put team decals on a lower end model.

I have just put a straight edge on both seat stays and the left hand side has a slight flair in it too although not visible to the naked eye. I suspect the frame may end up being recycled or Karm'ed once I strip it down at the weekend and assess the sum of all parts.



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I wouldn't go quite that far!

For a start the tyres are really quite good and much to the horror of some the levers (with suicide add ons) may go on another "pootling" bike project I have. Plenty of useable components on it. Nothing exotic, but top end isn't the be all and end all 😁


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Started the strip down and I spoke to soon! Once I let the air out, cracks in the sidewalls revealed themselves lol


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I think this will become an experiment that I am not worried if I break it!

I have just checked the frame alignment using the taught string and ruler method for the first time. As expected it is quite out of shape. However on further checking I think the non-drive side seat stay is ok and it is just the drive side that is flared out.

Given that and that I have never tried to respace a frame before I may use this as a test run in case I need to do it on something else in the future. I think I will use the Sheldon Brown method and see how I get on.