Corratec Hard Bow : Deutsche Qualität man !


Retro Guru
the first few seconds are early mountain biking 🤩

The movie was originally filmed in both black-and-white and Thomsoncolor, an early and untried color film process. In using both formats, Tati feared that Thomsoncolor might not be practical, a well-founded concern when the firm proved unable to complete the processing. A colour version has subsequently been released, with a prologue detailing the failure of the original colour recording and asserting that the new version is in accordance with the director's intentions. This version is in fact the work of Sophie Tatischeff, editor and daughter of Jacques Tati, and François Ede, cinematographer, who meticulously edited and restored the film from the original material that had been preserved. The optical system that allows the restitution of the colors was reconstituted, and allows, more than forty years after the shooting, to find the original colors.