1. raidan73

    BoTM BoTM November 2023 - Rider Special - time to vote

    Well that was a real test of my copy and pasting skills - 30 entries this month! You're still only getting one vote though :LOL: So, here we go; the poll will close in a week. Stressed’s 1994 Muddy Fox Monarch Ultra MSYT’s 1993 KHS Montana Team boy"O"boy's 1991 Orange Aluminum "O"...
  2. raidan73

    BoTM Deanphoto's 1993 GT Team RTS is voted Bike of The Month for October 2023

    Congratulations to @deanphoto on coming out on top, by the narrowest of margins. You can view the build thread, and more superb images of Team RTS here
  3. raidan73

    BoTM Bike of The Month October 2023 - Time to vote

    A field of 14 to choose from this month. Plenty of variety in the mix too. Carge's 1991 Bontrager Race Slackboys 1991 GT Zaskar Siish’ weird estay thing (Suspected British Eagle Boss) synlos' 1989 Rocky Mountain Blizzard PhillB's 1991 GT Team Avalanche Midnight Aurora Jourian's 1987...
  4. raidan73

    BoTM Bike of The Month July 2023 - The vote

    This month threatened to be a one horse race for a few days, then a two horse race for even longer! We've ended up with eight to choose from and I'll bet it won't be as easy to choose as people first thought it might be. The poll will run for 7 days. Good luck all :) Tomianson’s 1993 Team Fat...
  5. raidan73

    BoTM Bike of The Month timetable and suggestions

    Another thread that was the victim of our hacker. I'll keep updating the timetable below. Feel free to add your own suggestions for theme months or anything else BoTM related, and no, you can't have more than one vote 🤣 August 2023 - Steel is real September 2023 - Standard month October 2023 -...
  6. raidan73

    BoTM mcada's 1991 Steve Potts Cross Country Racer is the Retrobike Bike of The Month for June 2023

    Congratulations to @mcada who scooped the Bike if The Month award for June with almost half of the votes. Matthias carried out a full bare metal restoration, including repairs to the pinholed frame, and the end result is stunning 8)
  7. raidan73

    BoTM Bike of The Month July 2023 - now taking entries

    Another standard month for July. Next month will be a special TBC Useful for the poll if you can structure your nomination as follows: username's Year Manufacturer Model , e.g. @al's 1995 weird bouncy thing Image(s) MAXIMUM OF 2 Finally please include a link to your machine in the relevant...
  8. raidan73

    BoTM Bike of The Month December 2022 - time to vote

    The last BoTM poll of 2022. Pick your winner from this little lot...... Canuckbiker’s 1991 Klein Pinnacle slackboy’s 1989 Overbury’s Pioneer Imlach’s 1988 Schwinn Cruiser markjohnson76’s 1991 Merlin Titanium Peachy’s 1995 Claud Butler Titanius “Das catalogue” build Valleyman’s 1992...
  9. raidan73

    BoTM My_Teenage_Self's 1994 Lotus Monocoque is the November Bike of The Month for 2022

    November was an 'Amnesty Special', where people got another chance to enter a bike that had tried, and failed, previously. If you take look at the line-up you'll probably be surprised that many of them hadn't already won; a testament to the standard of bikes on the site. We got a bumper crop of...
  10. raidan73

    Bike of The Month November 2022 - Amnesty Special. Now taking entries

    As we do every 3 months, this one is a special. I know a few people (not looking at anyone in particular, @Peachy! :LOL:) would prefer that bikes were allowed to be entered more than twice (please read the rules if you're unsure). Well that isn't going to change any time soon, but for one month...
  11. raidan73

    BoTM Spaltinho's stunning 1991 Grove Innovations Hard Core is the September 2022 Bike of The Month

    @Spaltinho's Grove came out on top of a 14 strong field this month, with 18% of the votes. You can read more about the bike in the build thread, where you can also see a Grove X frame, with an amazing glow in the dark paint finish. You can check out the full list of entries in the poll thread...
  12. raidan73

    BoTM Bike of The Month September 2022 - time to vote

    It's that time again. Who's your money on this month? Racecarjohnny’s 1992 Schwinn Paramount - Buell SASS Tomac23’s 1990 Scott Superlite Wicket’s 1992 Saracen Tufftrax Elite al's 1988 Raleigh Mirage Canuckbiker’s 1993 Cannondale M800 BOTE Lewadaada’s 1994 Marin Team FRS Troje's 1992...
  13. Peachy!

    BoTM BoTM Bike of The Month August 2022 - time to vote

    Oops! Almost forgot that I had agreed to help out this month, sorry @raidan73 :eek: Original one owner from new special Usual rules, poll finishes in T-minus 7 days.
  14. raidan73

    BoTM Si_33's 1988 Moulton AM-ATB is the July 2022 Bike of The Month

    It was great to see something a little less well known take the win for July. @Si_33's Moulton came out on top of a small but strong field, which included a Yeti Ultimate, a Mountain Goat Whiskeytown Racer and a Klein Attitude, to name just a few. The AM-ATB raked in over 21% of the votes, which...
  15. raidan73

    BoTM Bike of The Month August 2022 - Original owner special - now taking entries

    So this month we're having an 'original owner special'. To clarify, the bike must have been owned from new by the person entering it. If you don't have a build thread it would really help your cause to write one before entering, I think the back story and history will really help the entries. I...
  16. raidan73

    BoTM Dimas' 1992 Ritchey P-21 is the June 2022 Bike of The Month

    Congratulations to @Dimas for winning the June competition, against a really strong field. You can see all the entries in the poll thread here and can see more pics of the winner in the build thread here
  17. raidan73

    BoTM Jam_SWorks' 1991 Trek 8900 Pro is the April 2022 Bike of The Month

    Well done to @Jam_SWorks, and his Trek 8900 Pro, for a great win in the April 2022 competition. From a strong field of 15, that included titanium offerings from GT and Fat Chance, a classic Breezer Lightning XTR and a custom Dirt Shark, getting 22% of the 123 votes was no mean feat. You can see...
  18. raidan73

    BoTM BoTM May 2022 nominations - Kona Special, dedicated to the memory of @pipmeister

    This months we're having a Kona special - dedicated to our own Phillip "pipmeister" Mock, who sadly passed away in March. Pip's dedication to the history of the Kona brand and the collating of information and serial numbers on this site is known to most I'm sure and May's competition is a nod to...
  19. raidan73

    BoTM Ryry_1985's Brodie is the February 2022 Bike of The Month (fillet brazed special)

    Congratulations to @Ryry_1985 and his stunning 1990 Brodie Romax on taking the win in February's competition. You can see all the entries and view the poll results here and see Ryan's build thread by clicking here
  20. raidan73

    BoTM BoTM February 2022 - fillet brazed special - Time to vote

    A nice even 10 to choose from this month, spanning more than 70 years! There's plenty of variety in the entries but which one will you pick? Danpiero’s 1993 Dave Yates DONKIS NOB Mkozaczec’s 1987 Mantis X Gtpulse’s Araya Muddy Fox MF261-SPR circa 1983/1984 ratcapa's Chas Roberts 1991...