BOB JACKSON Vintage Frame Identification

John Wr

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Thanks again for your great photos of you bike, did it have a frame number on it !

I have a number for you Charles. Its on the fork steerer tube and the non driveside rear dropout. My number is 14539 or 8. This is on a frameset ordered September 1964 and delivered to Cliff Pratt Cycles in Hull in December 1964.

Thank you Jim for your positive comment re AFib. My cardio consultant has recommended roughly the same to me. He is a keen cyclist himself so understands.



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Thanks John, only just seen your reply, thats simular to the number on my campag ends !
Hope your keeping well, keep off the 19% climbs !
My Bob Jackson has gone in to M&B cycles Dronfield for a respray, so I will keep you updated.
My missing link is a Campag record crankset as I would like to see one before I buy !
I used to have a Sugino set but binned it years ago along with my Brooks Pro !!!
Stay Safe Charles


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At last the Bob Jackson is ready to ride !
Just took it round the lump while adjusting gears, not sure about replacing the brooks pro
which I binned years ago for a softer saddle as this is very comfy !

I will give it a short flatish ride in the summer due to my muscle loss & bad knee & then
see if I can be parted from it next year !

Thanks to all for your help alomg the way !


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